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About Us

Introducing Sabbot Headwear, a pioneering force in the world of knit headwear since our UK debut in 2015. Recognising a void in the traditionally male-centric golf apparel arena, we set out to revolutionise the industry by offering premium, stylish, and unequivocally CRUELTY FREE headwear for all. Our unwavering commitment to quality quickly established us as the go-to brand for winter headwear in golf, setting a new standard for excellence.

Building on this success, we expanded our horizons, diversifying our distribution channels from 2017 onwards. Today, our sought-after products grace the shelves of premier Boutiques, Gift Shops, and Garden Centres throughout the UK & Ireland, cementing our reputation as the pinnacle of headwear excellence across multiple sectors.

Crafted with care in Brno, the Czech Republic's vibrant second city, our exquisite knit hats and accessories are meticulously produced in adherence to the rigorous standards set by the EU. Each season, we curate our collection by hand, staying attuned to evolving trends to ensure our offerings remain at the forefront of fashion, while still honouring beloved classics.

Central to our ethos is the staunch belief that real fur has no place in fashion. That's why every piece of our headwear features ONLY GENUINE FAUX FUR pom poms, never real fur, because we recognise that fur belongs solely to the animals that wear it. Committed to cruelty-free principles, we prioritise the use of vegan materials whenever possible.

We are immensely proud to hold the distinction of being the sole UK headwear brand approved as a FUR FREE RETAILER, a testament to our unwavering dedication to ethical practices. Our mission is simple: to bring forth products that resonate with our values and contribute positively to the world.

Explore our range, hear what our satisfied customers have to say on our TESTIMONIALS page, and discover more about our esteemed BRAND AMBASSADORS. Sabbot Headwear: Where style meets compassion.


Stuart Horne brought Sabbot Headwear to the UK in September 2015 to provide high-quality, stylish and GUARANTEED cruelty-free headwear to the British market. Stuart and the Sabbot team believe PASSIONATELY that real fur has NO PLACE in fashion. All our headwear features ONLY GENUINE FAUX FUR pom poms, NEVER REAL FUR because we know that fur belongs solely to the animals that grow it.

We are proud to be a FUR FREE RETAILER