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My name is Chloe, I am 27years old and I am from Gods Own Country… YORKSHIRE. I work full time for a global manufacturing firm but I spend my free time up mountains, in lakes or in the back of my self converted camper van (Brenda Berlingo).

I have a great love for exploring, spending time in the outdoors and travelling, a lot of people think I’m crazy but I think it is important to make the most out of life…die with memories not dreams. I received my first Sabbot hat as gift from my mum in 2020, I immediately treated myself to another.

The quality of the products are exceptional, they always keep my head toasty warm up mountains and I look fashionable too! I am very proud to be a brand ambassador for Sabbot, I absolutely love their products and ethos.

Favourite Sabbot Product & Colour: Field - Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate: X

Best Professional achievement: Temporarily relocating to Scotland for 3months to train employees, this meant I got to have lots of adventures in my van as well as working very hard.

Best Personal achievement: Buying my house alone, renovating it on a budget and turning it into my home. 

Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate: Yorkshire Tea, milk and no sugar!Y orkshire Tea, milk and no sugar!

Favourite Place in the world: Nepal

Sweet or Savoury: Sweet  (I love Chocolate)

Favourite Animal: Lioness

Mantra I live by: Live like you mean it

Goal for 2022: Go on lots more adventures and learn how to speak Spanish.