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Sabbot says #FurisforAnimals

Posted by stuart horne on
Sabbot says #FurisforAnimals

As many of you know, at Sabbot, we passionately believe that #FurIsForAnimals and ONLY for animals.

At the end of 2019, we teamed up with Respect for Animals and Digital Horse for our #FurisforAnimals social media campaign.

As part of this, our combined fans and followers sent us pictures of their pets dressed in human clothing to help us spread the message that cross-species-cross-dressing is only acceptable one way around.

Take a look at the campaign video below and share it if you believe #FurisforAnimals – and ONLY for animals.


Shockingly, real fur is often cheaper than faux! So there are many unscrupulous brands that try to pass off real fur as fake to unsuspecting customers.

To make sure you do not fall victim to this nasty trick, take a look at this video by the Watson sisters that shows you how to tell real from faux fur.

Want to make sure you only buy from brands who fully support the Fur Free Retailers ethos, just like Sabbot Headwear? You can find out which brands work with Respect for Animals on the Fur Free Retailer website.

If you are looking for stylish, guaranteed cruelty-free hats and accessories, take a look at our range of women’s hats, girl’s hats and accessories.

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